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‘Witch’ uses craft to take control of her life

Fortune teller Blair Holloway uses tarot cards, oracle cards and a crystal ball to gaze into the lives and stories of her clients. Photo by Ezra Santana.

Blair Holloway (she/they) predicted her friend would have a baby this year and the baby’s gender.

Her prediction has now come true.

Another time, she was doing fortune telling for a client and the number 45 came up.

A year later, the client contacted her saying they sold their house for $450,000.

Holloway is a self-described witch and fortune teller who provides paid readings using tarot cards, a crystal ball, as well as acting as a medium.

The scariest experience Holloway has had happened when she was acting as a medium for a client who wanted to connect with a deceased loved one who had been abusive.

Soon after, she couldn’t find her tarot cards. When she went to look for them, they were in the trash.

“It makes no sense, I would not put my tarot cards in the trash,” she told her husband, Adam.

“Maybe they fell off.”

“Adam, I did not put the tarot cards in the trash.”

Even without knowing how they got there, she was glad she found her tarot cards, as she uses them to help people find answers and make decisions.

Surprisingly, Holloway dislikes reading tarot cards for herself.

“I don’t really like knowing what’s gonna happen in my life ‘cause if I know I get kind of anxious.”

Instead, she prefers using oracle cards for her own readings because their meanings are more unique to each situation.

“It’s like a therapist. They don’t do therapy on themselves, right? They usually go to someone else for therapy.”

Holloway has been practicing fortune telling since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but witchcraft has been a part of her life since she was a kid watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

To her, being a witch means “being in charge of my own life and making anything happen with the power of manifestation, herbs and magic.”



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