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What do Islanders think the government should do to solve the ongoing housing crisis?

Cordell Wells (he/him), 25, from Charlottetown. Photo by Ezra Santana.

“Completely unravel this capitalistic system from the bottom up. It’s not an issue that can be solved by just addressing one thing at a time, it needs to be many departments talking all at once about complete change. It cannot be just one direction, it needs to be a unanimous and circular, whatever you wanna call it, shape of everyone talking, from, you know, roadworks to the food and trade system. It needs to be global and it needs to happen quickly.” – Cordell Wells

Maria Woo (she/her), 45, from Charlottetown. Photo by Ezra Santana.

“Build much much more apartments for people, you know?. Any people who have houses now, maybe they can rent a certain room or certain place or the basement or any spot that we can. You can rent out some places to increase your income and at the same time try to help out this problem.” – Maria Woo

Noelle Elliot (she/her), 23, from Charlottetown. Photo by Ezra Santana.

“Maybe like housing benefits? I’m not as informed on housing, so. And even just the minimum wage right now is not very high compared to other provinces, so.” – Noelle Elliot

Laurence Butler (he/him), “over 21”, from Charlottetown. Photo by Ezra Santana.

“Well, it would be nice if the government would build more low-income housing, but the problem is you’re fighting with the investors who buy the property and can make more money by building privately. So it makes it hard even for the government to buy a plot of land because the speculators are in there purchasing it because they can make so much money from building their own housing.” – Laurence Butler

Hannah Rogers (she/her), 20, from Kinkora. Photo by Ezra Santana.

“Honestly, I don’t understand most of the taxes. But like if they’re offering rebates on clean energy and stuff like that, and that little 120 dollars for the grocery rebate, surely they can just stop raising the tax of certain things. And, I mean, you can’t really control the price of food especially when it’s like controlled by companies that don’t follow the same laws like internationally or whatever. But like… maybe don’t charge six dollars for 12 eggs? Maybe make that a little bit more accessible.” – Hannah Rogers



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