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‘Pagan witch’ uses craft to connect with people, nature, divine

Tarot cards are Megan Sentner’s favourite tool to connect with people and the divine. She offers paid readings at her own business, Larkspur & Lune, and occasionally at Charlottetown’s Silver & Sage. Photo by Ezra Santana.

Megan Sentner (she/her) was doing tarot readings for a group of women at a birthday party when someone started trying to talk to her; someone who was no longer alive.

Sentner turned to the family of three sisters and their mother.


“There’s somebody that I think is here to talk to you.”

Sentner soon figured out it was the family’s deceased father attempting to contact them with a message.

That was the self-described medium’s first experience of what she believes to be a connection with the dead.

Sentner is also a passionate crystal healer and Reiki practitioner, using both methods in conjunction with modern medicine to heal those with energy, psychological and physical issues.

“I’m not a licensed medical professional and I make that very clear when I do my healings. I even have them sign a waiver.”

The self-described pagan witch comes from a line of witchcraft practitioners on her mother’s side, but has been actively practicing her own spirituality for three years.

“(Witchcraft) is being connected to the divine and the natural world to help manifest your intentions.”

She has experienced mostly positive and supportive reactions to her beliefs, which led her to create her own business, Larkspur & Lune, for tarot readings and energy healing practices.

Still, she wishes people understood witchcraft is mostly about manifesting positivity and helping others.

“There’s not a lot of darkness in witchcraft and that’s what people tend to associate with it. But it’s mostly positive, bright and helpful.
“I think that it’s about forming positive connections and relationships with people, nature and the divine.”



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