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How well did P.E.I. prepare for Canada Games?

Leading volunteer at the Eastlink Centre Brenda Gallant, 57. Photo by Ezra Santana.

“I can only imagine managing not only the 5,000 volunteers but also each of the sports, how they set it up coordinating with the venues. It’s an incredible amount of work and I feel kudos are to be given to all of the organizers.” – Brenda Gallant

Volunteer at the Eastlink Centre Martin Watson, 55, from Belgium. Photo by Ezra Santana.

“I’ve only seen this from the perspective of a volunteer and I have to say it’s been extremely well organized. I got a very fancy new uniform and I knew exactly where I was meant to go, the registration process worked well and good briefings.” – Martin Watson

Young Eastlink Centre volunteer Esther Eastwood, 19. Photo by Ezra Santana.

“They started two years before and it was a lot of preparation, even building the whole residence for UPEI, it took a long time. But they got it down and they were doing it all on the socials. They were getting everyone prepared on the Island. It was amazing. It was like ‘Oh my goodness, it’s here,’ but they did a lot of work beforehand, which was awesome. And you can see the progress too.” – Esther Eastwood

Islander Eastlink Centre volunteer Kathy Jones, 60. Photo by Ezra Santana.

“I think it’s been amazing. I mean, any time you call on islanders, we turn up, right? So, to have a waiting list for people wanting to volunteer for the games has just been incredible.” – Kathy Jones

Medical Services volunteer Carole Poirier, 40. Photo by Ezra Santana.

“I’ve known that I was volunteering about eight months ago or so and the preparations, the venues, the volunteers, everybody that has been around has been awesome.” – Carole Poirier

Fencing coach Julien Camus, 42, from Québec. Photo by Ezra Santana.

“The food is amazing, the transportation is very good. If we have a problem, all the volunteers are here to help us and we are very grateful for all the things.” – Julien Camus



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